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Did the second wife of Dick Van Pattan on Eight is Enough, played by Betty Buckley, have a baby girl? In that case you could say, for example, the brother/son played by Grant Goodeve could not lie with...that baby girl...if there was a baby girl.

Does Leviticus rule out Robbie, Chip or Ernie Douglas from laying with Dodie?

Yes. I guess it might, under the Peter and Jan Brady codicle.


Ugh, I had completely forgotten about the horror that was Dodie Douglas. I'll have to put her out of my mind by thinking more thoughts about Katie Douglas.


I haven't picked up today's comics section yet, but ... WHAT??? The Jane Handian Follies are OVER? We're not even going to see her and Salty Cal consummate? No Wilbur held whimpering at gunpoint for weeks by a scorned woman? I'm appalled. APPALLED! I'll be boycotting MW from now on!

Oh, who I am kidding ... you know I want to find out what sort of marital problems the Neckbeards are having.



Yo hold up your theme, you could've said that Wilbur couldn't nail Mr. Ed, or something about Arnold from Green Acres.

It does seem odd that that ONE line is constantly drummed up as being just as profound today as it was thousands of years past despite having shed the baggage of all that other stuff.


That should say "To hold up your theme". I was not trying to sound like a classic-TV-watching, blog-reading gansta.


Katie Douglas. The ideal '60s woman to me. With the pointy hair, the clear lipstick. The triplets. That was a great era to be a growing boy. Catwoman, Emma Peel, Ginger AND Mary Ann. Jeanie/Genie. Samantha. Laura Petrie.

I sense a top ten list coming...


By the way...I just went in search of info on Katie and Dodie Douglas...

Katie was played by Tina Cole...who, I guess, got out of acting in the early '70s.

Dodie was played by Dawn Lyn...who shares my exact birthday!


Joe -- you and me both with the Katie Douglas. Rrrowr!

Looks like she didn't quit the biz entirely. Clicky


Are cat fights at slumber parties that devolve into lesbianism OK?


Ol' Froth -- I don't want to live in a country where that's not acceptable behavior.


Maybe I'm missing something, but aren't 4 & 5 essentially the same?

Also, while I totally understand and agree that applying Lev. 18:22 to the modern world may present issues of hypocrasy when you take the whole of the O.T. context, I do tend to think that in the scale of this chapter alone, most people do have a tendency to believe in the moral basis for the items on this list. Having sex with animals is still considered to be wrong by a large portion of the population, as is having sex with your parents or other close relatives.

Whether a morality-based ban on homosexual relations is an outdated concept or not (and interestingly, there's a whole discussion one could have on why the Bible says nothing about lesbianism), in some ways the real modern difference between the act described in verse 22 and all the others is that there are people advocating the act in verse 22 be recognized as being equal moral moral footing with married heterosexual sex. People are asking, "Shouldn't we allow men to have sex with other men?" and it creates an uproar among conservatives. The only reason there's no uproar over the other issues here is that there is nobody asking "Shouldn't we allow men to have sex with animals?" or "Shouldn't we allow men to have sex with their daughters?" etc.

I think the fact is that, bigoted while it may be, the sentiment that going back into the closet will make the homosexuality "problem" disappear is true. But I don't think that anyone who really cares about modern civil rights wants that solution.


I think that 4 must mean your adopted black orphan from the ghetto must not get it on with your pure as the driven snow (snow meaning cocaine snorting) white daughter.

The operative phrase being adopted orphan, I assume.

5 is a step child by marriage, I assume. But then, I don't read Leviticus because I don't have to. Bob does.

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